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3 Steps to Troubleshoot iOS 9 and iOS 10 Universal Links

So, you’ve followed all the steps to enable Universal Links for your app, but somehow, the links still fail to open your app?   This blog aims to cover exactly where and how to fix these issues. (If you are still learning about Universal...


What Is An AASA (apple-app-site-association) File?

Picture this: you want to get started with Universal Links on iOS and the documentation at Apple has asked you to create and host an AASA file. So, what is an AASA file? The AASA (short for apple-app-site-association) is a file that live...


Universal Links, URI Schemes, App Links, and Deep Links: What’s the Difference?

Deep Links, Universal Links, URI/URL Schemes, and App Links have all changed the world of linking to content inside mobile apps considerably over the last few years. This has left many app developers confused about which technology to im...


How to Build a Linking Solution for Every Device

This is the second in a two-part series about the future of links. Part one recapped the history of links on the web and how things became so broken on mobile. In this post, we will cover the solution, and what we have learned at Branch ...


Solving Troubleshooting: A New Universal Link Validator

Getting users inside of your app is the most important part of a deep link, and if your links don’t open the app, it can severely hurt the user experience. Apple’s introduction of Universal Links in iOS 9 provided a new way t...


We Examined Universal Links Across Hundreds of Apps and the Data Speaks for Itself

Implementing Universal Links results in a 40% increased conversion to open rate. Continue reading to learn more about the study. Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that un...


What Changed with Deep Linking on iOS 9.3

Over the years, despite continuous design improvements, iOS apps have been treated largely as data silos and have been unable to use data outside of the confines of their sandboxes.  However, with the emergence of iOS 9, Apple was a...


Apple’s Universal Links: A Testament to Untested Software

This aricle originally appreared as a guest post on Venture beat. Apple’s software quality has been the subject of criticism for some time now. Marco Arment helped bring this to the forefront after publishing his blog post, “Apple has lo...


Introducing a Universal Links Validator Tool

As a deep linking company that handles millions of links every day, Branch deals with Universal Links on a daily basis. We see the vast potential, but are very familiar with its many problems. From being difficult to test, to inadequate ...


iOS 9.2 Deep Linking Guide: Transitioning to Universal Links

When iOS 9.2 was released on Dec 8th, thousands of app developers suddenly realized their app experience was broken. A small change in Safari’s handling of deep links resulted in many sleepless nights for the app community that was strug...

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