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How Crypto Trading Apps are Betting Big on Mobile

Crypto apps have seen explosive growth in the past year. Learn the key ingredients that have powered their success — and how you can do the same for your app.


Now is the Time to Leverage Web Traffic for App UA

Learn how Digital Turbine's SingleTap solution along with Branch's Journeys solution can leverage your existing traffic to reach your user acquisition goals.


Advanced Organic Growth Strategies in the Age of COVID

After writing a post a week or so ago on simple organic strategies to drive growth in the age of COVID, I decided to do a follow up on the more advanced and creative strategies that some brands are using to drive organic growth and traff...


How Personal Finance and Banking Apps Upped Their Mobile Game During COVID — and H...

As the world tries to grapple and predict what life will be like after COVID-19, some industries have a unique opportunity to embrace and invest in digital transformation. Users are increasingly turning to technology to connect them with...


Organic Mobile Growth Strategies in the Age of COVID

After a few months of social distancing, the world is no longer the same. The adoption of everything virtual, from food delivery, shopping, work, dating, birthdays, workouts, and in my case, even physical therapy, has accelerated to a pl...


Seamless Mobile Experiences Play a Key Role in Digital Transformation: A Sears &am...

There have never been more channels through which to engage your customers. This is both an exciting opportunity and a major challenge for brands — especially for those new to the mobile ecosystem. What is Digital Transformation? Accordi...


Announcing Branch’s 2019 Mobile Growth Handbook 🎉

Every year, we pull together the best statistics, tips, best practices, and quotes from the world’s top mobile brands for our Mobile Growth Handbook to help product and marketing teams drive mobile growth in our increasingly cross-platfo...


How to Measure and Optimize Apple Search Ads Campaigns

Apple Search Ads is one of the most powerful tools in a modern marketing toolbox. Running Apple Search Ads campaigns helps mobile marketers increase brand visibility and app downloads by promoting your app exactly where users are looking...


What are the Best Ways to Promote an App?

According to Statista, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide is projected to grow to 258.2 billion by 2022. That’s an increase of nearly 26% from the reported 205.4 billion in 2018. For performance marketers, this presents a huge ...


How to Drive Installs from Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an extremely effective channel for reaching new audiences – largely due to the sheer number of users. Here’s the proof: According to Statista, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2018. For marketers ...

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