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How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your iOS and Android Apps: The Quick Guide

According to a recent study, over 30% of all app downloads originate from a friend’s recommendation. That means that someone shared the app with a friend via a link or tol...


Branch Product Updates: August 2017

It’s August, and the most exciting thing isn’t going back to school—it’s Branch finding every avenue to deploy your deep links and surface more of your app’s content. This month...


iOS 11 Safari View Controller cookie passthrough and the future of mobile web

This year, Apple announced that starting with iOS 11, all instances of Safari will no longer share the same cookie space. This means that cookies set in the main Safari browser ...


How Bukalapak drove a 5x increase in daily app installs

Bukalapak is one of the biggest online marketplaces in South East Asia. With more than 1.2 million sellers, and more than 40 million products, the e-commerce giant offers goods ...


How PregBuddy Used Branch to Link Between Messenger Bot and Android App

PregBuddy is an integrated health and wellness platform supporting women during their pregnancies. They offer personalized healthcare via peer support, organized information, ex...


How To Increase User Retention as a Mobile Developer

Congratulations, you’ve just recently launched the newest version of your app! You’ve spent countless hours in your last development sprint A-B testing your newest features and ...


9 Tactics to Increase App Downloads for Less

This article was originally published on the TUNE blog. Branch acquired the TUNE Attribution Analytics product in September 2018, and we have republished select pieces of conten...


The Top Strategies for Increasing In-App Purchases

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read recent insights on web-to-app conversions. Here at Branch, we’ve talked a lot about the current mobile ecosyst...


How to Use Dynamic Links to Drive Better User Experiences at Scale

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read one of our newer posts to learn how to measure and optimize deep links from email. Driving intuitive, seamless...


What Living in an App World Means for the Mobile Web

Even as the native app space grows rapidly, we at Branch see thoughtful perspectives from the front lines contending that in many instances, publishers ought to focus on an opti...


The Lowest Hanging Fruit for Mobile Marketers

Mobile linking may be the biggest problem you didn’t know you had. Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that unify use...

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