Branch Product Release Updates: November 2016

The following new features have been released in November.  Click through each new feature below to learn more.

Announcing Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads

At Branch, we believe that linking should be easy. You shouldn’t have to think twice about the types of links you use, the devices they support, or whether your website is handled differently than your app. We’re on a crusade to make links work everywhere.

The Branch Guide to eCommerce App Success & Increasing Mobile Revenue

If you’re a marketer or PM at an eCommerce company, it’s likely you have one, top-tier goal that dominates the conversation day in and day out: revenue. It’s the metric that gives businesses life and keeps them healthy enough to experience long-term growth. And whether you’re a century old retailer, a modern tech giant, or a startup that’s recently launched, mobile is the place where your customers are increasingly spending their time and money: 

The Marketers Guide to Creating Mobile Deep Links in Seconds

The average user spends 4-5 hours on mobile, with 90% of that time inside a mobile app. When you’re sharing marketing links with your users, it’s not enough anymore to have a short URL with OG tags. Users anticipate a seamless mobile experience with your links, and are more likely to stay and convert when directed to the content they expect. To keep up conversions, acquisition, and engagement, a good marketing link needs five things:

A Free Smart App Banner for Android or iOS with Install Attribution

Companies that use smart app banners are continually surprised at how much traffic it drives to their native mobile app. In fact, it’s so effective that some companies like Yelp and Pinterest have turned their entire mobile site into a big “Install” button, not allowing the user to progress to the mobile website and forcing them to install the respective mobile apps. To confirm our hypothesis of its importance, Branch pulled the data about the broader industry, and found that the majority of the all-time most downloaded apps are using mobile web app banners to boost their install traffic.

Mobile Shopping 2016: The Essential Takeaways

If you attended Mobile Shopping in 2016, you know how the days were filled with poignant conversations, open roundtables, inspiring keynotes, and one particularly heated panel. While the casual atmosphere and lobby bar kept discussions happening long after the sessions’ doors closed, we wanted to keep the dialogue going even longer. Below we’ve compiled what we learned, what we took away from Mobile Shopping, and what’s in store (pun intended) for 2017 in the mobile eCommerce world:

4 Reasons Brands Should Convert Website to App Users

To learn more about how top mobile brands convert website to app users, download our latest white paper, How to Effectively Drive App Growth From Your Mobile Website.

We’ve all been there as consumers. You’ve just landed on a mobile website and have a sudden yearning for an interface that resembles a mobile app. Unfortunately, mobile websites are clunky, hard to navigate, and typically don’t have an effective tool to take mobile website users to the mobile app.

The Launch Checklist: A Planning Tool for Pre and Post App Launch

When launching their first app, Kindred, the founders of Branch discovered that growth was difficult, despite being featured in the App/Play Store. Sure, there was an initial surge, but how could they sustain and improve growth? Luckily, they had a number of resources among their network, something not many others can claim. It was apparent that this was not an isolated problem. The more they learned, the more they wanted to share, and soon, the founders found themselves at the forefront of #mobilegrowth.

A Smart Marketing Link Creator for Desktop and App Links

Linking to web content - for instance a gallery of cool treehouses - is easy. It’s always been easy. Simply copy the URL from the address bar, and if you want a short link or attribution, use your URL shortener and attribution provider.

Branch Product Release Updates: October 2016

October brought many new and exciting features that we are pleased to share with the marketers, product managers, developers, and founders that use Branch on a daily basis. From a revamped Marketing Link Creator, to Journeys enhancements, and much more, we hope you take advantage of these tools. Click through each new feature below to learn more.

5 Indisputable Strategies for Driving an App Install

Acquiring a mobile app install is one of the most daunting tasks that modern marketers face in the digital age. Nearly all consumers now possess a smartphone, with a limited amount of space for apps on every single device. There are over 2 million apps in the various app stores, and 89 percent of mobile media time is spent inside of a mobile app, yet the average consumer only uses 27 apps per month. How do marketers make their app stand out from the crowd?

Executive Email Marketing Survey: The Rise of Mobile Apps and Value of Deep Linking

It’s 2016, and mobile apps are firmly cemented as a cornerstone of digital marketing, in essentially all verticals. Modern consumers have marketers optimizing their efforts at a rapid pace to tap into the emerging mobile revenue stream. The Relevancy Group’s Summer 2016 Executive Marketer Survey, done in partnership with Branch, revealed that marketers rated mobile apps as the fourth most effective channel for driving revenue for their business, surpassing traditional channels such as paid search and print direct marketing.