7 Best Mobile Experiences with Branch in 2016

At Branch, our most important core value is being “partners first.” By partners, we mean our customers, community, or anyone who interacts with Branch. From the beginning, we’ve referred to this group as “partners,” because we believe that the challenge of improving the mobile landscape through better linking cannot be accomplished by any one company.

Is Branch a Replacement for Firebase Dynamic Links?

If you have ever tried to build anything more than a very basic mobile app, you probably ran into the need for a backend. You likely then discovered that designing and maintaining one of these is no simple task. Enter BaaS (Backend as a Service) platforms like Firebase and Parse — game-changers for developers who want to focus on building an app.

What Branch Learned From 80+ Events in 2016

At Branch, we have a long term vision of democratizing app discovery, and events are at the forefront of our marketing strategy to solve this far reaching issue. In a little over a year, we’ve participated in, 80+ conferences, and deciding what's worth doing again is at the top of my priorities for the long-term growth of Branch. Here's what's at the top of my list:

How to set up an AMP site for Firebase App Indexing (Android and iOS)

If you’ve been in mobile development for a while, you most likely have heard about Google’s Firebase platform. They’ve launched about 10 new services, ranging from A/B testing to basic analytics in addition to sucking in and relabeling few Google services. One of those services was their App Indexing project which they’ve been working on since 2013. In May 2016, they relabeled the service “Firebase App Indexing” and it has that name to this day.

Growing a Native iOS or Android App Business with Traditional Web SEO

There has never been a simpler, more powerful platform for software engineers to build and deploy applications. Native iOS and Android have fostered an incredible community of tutorials, sample code and development environments like Xcode and Android studio. Combine these developer resources with the ease of deploying software to an application store that reaches billions of people around the globe, and you’ve got a recipe for a compelling software platform.

New Templates for Your Web to App Marketing

Is your mobile web traffic larger than your app traffic? Don’t worry, this is common. But once you dig in and find out that your app users are more engaged, you might scramble to figure out how to push your mobile web users into the app.

Branch Product Release Updates: December 2016

From improved web and app analytics to new Journeys templates, we’re excited to share our new features just in time for the holidays! Click through each feature below to explore the December product updates from Branch:

How to Build a Linking Solution for Every Device

This is the second in a two-part series about the future of links. Part one recapped the history of links on the web and how things became so broken on mobile. In this post, we will cover the solution, and what we have learned at Branch as we built it.

Is Deep Linking Enough?

This is the first in a two-part series about the future of links. In this post, we will recap the history of links on the web and how things became so broken on mobile. Read part 2 here, where we cover the solution, and what we have learned at Branch as we built it.

How Instacart Improved Their Conversion Rate by 6x on Mobile

The emergence of mobile has caused marketers to re-think how they approach traditional marketing channels. This year, $6 billion was spent online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with over $2 billion of that happening on mobile, which equates to an increase of 33% compared to 2015. Yet, even with the rise of purchases on mobile, the click-to-purchase rate on is still half of that of desktop due to a broken linking experience.

Beta Architecture: Scaling Developer Environments With Kubernetes

Here at Branch, we move fast. It's so critical to the success of our company that it is one of our core values. We are the fastest moving company I've worked for.

Solving Troubleshooting: A New Universal Link Validator

Getting users inside of your app is the most important part of a deep link, and if your links don't open the app, it can severely hurt the user experience. Apple's introduction of Universal Links in iOS 9 provided a new way to directly open your app, without having to rely on URI Schemes redirecting through Safari. At the surface level, Universal Links seem pretty straight forward: Host a file on your website, and add your website domain to the Xcode project. However, while Universal Links certainly have their advantages, they are far from perfect. While Universal Linking creates a more elegant user experience, they also introduce additional configuration complexity.