The Launch Checklist: A Planning Tool for Pre and Post App Launch

When launching their first app, Kindred, the founders of Branch discovered that growth was difficult, despite being featured in the App/Play Store. Sure, there was an initial surge, but how could they sustain and improve growth? Luckily, they had a number of resources among their network, something not many others can claim. It was apparent that this was not an isolated problem. The more they learned, the more they wanted to share, and soon, the founders found themselves at the forefront of #mobilegrowth.

A Smart Marketing Link Creator for Desktop and App Links

Linking to web content - for instance a gallery of cool treehouses - is easy. It’s always been easy. Simply copy the URL from the address bar, and if you want a short link or attribution, use your URL shortener and attribution provider.

Branch Product Release Updates: October 2016

October brought many new and exciting features that we are pleased to share with the marketers, product managers, developers, and founders that use Branch on a daily basis. From a revamped Marketing Link Creator, to Journeys enhancements, and much more, we hope you take advantage of these tools. Click through each new feature below to learn more.

5 Indisputable Strategies for Driving an App Install

Acquiring a mobile app install is one of the most daunting tasks that modern marketers face in the digital age. Nearly all consumers now possess a smartphone, with a limited amount of space for apps on every single device. There are over 2 million apps in the various app stores, and 89 percent of mobile media time is spent inside of a mobile app, yet the average consumer only uses 27 apps per month. How do marketers make their app stand out from the crowd?

Executive Email Marketing Survey: The Rise of Mobile Apps and Value of Deep Linking

It’s 2016, and mobile apps are firmly cemented as a cornerstone of digital marketing, in essentially all verticals. Modern consumers have marketers optimizing their efforts at a rapid pace to tap into the emerging mobile revenue stream. The Relevancy Group’s Summer 2016 Executive Marketer Survey, done in partnership with Branch, revealed that marketers rated mobile apps as the fourth most effective channel for driving revenue for their business, surpassing traditional channels such as paid search and print direct marketing.

10 Stats on the Effectiveness of Smart Banners

By now, you’re likely aware of Smart Banners – the banner that floats on your mobile website and allows your users to easily convert into native app users. They are used to drive new app installs and re-engage existing users. These banners have been around for quite some time and have been proven to helped brands increase installs by 3X – but what we didn’t know, was how do these users coming from Smart Banner compare to users who find your app through all other channels?

4 Quick Tips for Mobile App User Acquisition

This is a guest post by Jimmy Schmidt, Director, Product at AppLovin, a marketing platform that leverages real-time data signals to understand consumers and match them with relevant brands.

Driving Mobile Growth: Deep Linking From iOS Instagram

With over 400 million active users, Instagram has grown to be one of the most important social networks in our digital world. By now, you’ve probably heard the stories of businesses -- from various verticals -- who’ve successfully leveraged Instagram to drive millions of new customers. Given that Instagram targets the native mobile app as the primary interface, it’s an ideal platform for promoting your mobile app business.

Cleared For Takeoff: Branch & iOS 10

Every year, when the new iOS update comes out, the Branch teams waits anxiously to hear their marching orders from the Apple team at WWDC. And this year was no different. At first, it seemed like iOS 10 didn’t include anything that would significantly affect us, but as the betas progressed, it became clear that we’d have to do a bunch of work in preparation for the update.

How to Configure Your App’s Sharing for iOS 10’s iMessage Update

With iOS 10, comes a complete host of changes ranging from in-message interactable apps, and a completely separate App Store, to links populated with full graphic previews. It’s a brave new world, and you probably are asking yourself where to start. We recommend just outfitting your regular iOS app with the changes necessary to support iMessage first.

Tracking Virality and Influencers in Your Android or iOS App

Viral growth. It’s the stuff that app developers' dreams are made of. Once you find the feature that drives viral growth, you know you’re on a path to success. It’s sustainable and fast growth to your business, delivered at no cost.

Setting Up Your iOS 10 iMessages App With Attribution and Deep Linking

iOS 10 introduces some powerful new functionality on top of the iOS 9 extension system that gave birth to custom keyboards and ad blockers. iOS 10 features a new App Store that lets user install apps directly into iMessage, the homegrown messaging platform baked into the iOS platform.