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AMP Compatible Smart Banners to Convert Mobile Search Traffic to App Installs

By June 22, 2017 8 Comments

Last year, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a stripped-down version of regular HTML, enabling faster load times on mobile web browsers. This greatly enhances the mobile search and browsing experience in a world with data usage limits and slow download speeds. As a result, we’ve observed that AMP-compatible web pages tend to rank more highly in Google search results on mobile. If you build an AMP website, it seems you may see your traffic from Google search increase.

Though AMP can provide SEO benefits to companies with a mobile focus, it is difficult to convert this increased traffic to long-term users. In order to maintain fast load times, AMP limits javascript and many other features that help you build check out and sign up experiences. It is even challenging to send users from AMP pages to your regular website. All of the effort you invested building your website must be replicated in AMP – if you can even replicate it. Though AMP has many advantages, it’s yet another fragmented channel in the mobile landscape that you have to solve for.

Journeys web-to-app experiences enable brands to convert mobile web traffic to their app, where users are 7x more valuable on average, with customizable banners and audience targeting.

Today, we’re glad to announce that Journeys now works on AMP pages, meaning that you can capitalize on all the mobile search traffic from your AMP pages. Simply use a Journey on your AMP pages to turn traffic into engaged app users.

As with all Branch products, AMP Journeys provides an optimized experience for your users on mobile. An AMP Journey will send users with the app directly to the same content in the app when they click the banner CTA, and users without will be prompted to download and then deep linked to the same app content.

AMP Journeys supports Universal Links and App Links, meaning that the app can open to content without any brief web redirect. AMP Journeys also benefits from Branch’s 100% match guaranteed through install – meaning you can be confident that the user who clicked a Journey is the same one who opened the app after installing through the app store, and that you can personalize in-app experiences accordingly. If you are using Branch in other channels, this also means your user experiences can be unified and consistent in every context.

As with all Branch products, you also get unified measurement. You can compare conversions across all of your deep linked channels, like comparing AMP Journeys campaign performance with a deep linked email campaign, for example. You’ll also be able to compare various AMP Journeys campaigns with different creatives or audience targeting. You will be able to answer questions like: do users from AMP pages complete more purchases or signups in the app than users from other channels? How many additional installs can you acquire from your mobile search channel with AMP Journeys?

Branch AMP Journeys Use cases

AMP Journeys for Publishers

AMP is adopted the most among publishers, where mobile readers can consume news articles that they find through Google search on the go. With AMP Journeys, publishers can send users to the app to subscribe or continue reading.AMP Journeys for Publishers

AMP Journeys for eCommerce Companies

To date, AMP pages have not been popular with eCommerce companies because it is difficult to build a compelling checkout experience on AMP. Now with AMP Journeys, you can enable users to search for and browse your products on AMP pages, and then show a Journey to allow them to complete purchases in-app.

Getting started

If you have built any AMP-compatible web pages, you’re ready to get started with AMP Journeys. All you need to do is to add a Branch-provided snippet to your AMP pages and customize your audience and creatives using a WYSIWYG dashboard. Then you’re ready to convert your mobile search traffic to app users!


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  • Jessica Anastasio

    can you use a custom styled banner for AMP journeys?

    • Alex Bauer

      Hi @jessicaanastasio:disqus, you can customize your banner styling as long as you’re using one of the AMP-compatible templates. See our our docs page for more details!

      • Jessica Anastasio

        Thanks so much for your response! The docs are confusing me. At first it states “Currently, only Branch Standard Banner Bottom is supported on AMP“ but then further down under Customization limitations it says “For the time being, only banners of a fixed height and placement (bottom of the page) are compatible with AMP. This includes Branch Banner Bottom, or other custom banners with page placement on the bottom of the page and height of 76px.” but there’s nowhere to put a custom banner

        Basically, I have a specific design mock-up I need to follow that I don’t think can be achieved with Branch Banner Bottom

        • Alex Bauer

          I fear this may be a case of unclearly-worded documentation! Journeys doesn’t currently support completely bespoke banner templates designed from scratch — this is referring to the customized banner styling you are able to implement using the WYSIWYG editor, based on one of the pre-existing templates.

          I might suggest reaching out to our Integrations Team. They’ll hopefully be able to help you nail this implementation!

          • Jessica Anastasio

            Thanks Alex! I think I’ll reach out to them. One other question for you: since my requirements are a custom banner template to match my site design/user experience, have you seen or know if I can follow these directions for my AMP page (these directions are for non AMP pages/not using journeys)?

            I was wondering if the possibility of implenting it this way but wrapping the script tag in an amp iFrame 🤔 maybe this is a better question for the integrations team, let me know!

          • Alex Bauer

            Hey @jessicaanastasio:disqus,

            Routing from an AMP page to your app should still work the same way.

            The AMP spec is pretty strict, so I doubt simply wrapping the Branch web SDK script tag in an iFrame will work as expected — I know it took us several months to get Journeys compatible with AMP using specific templates. However, definitely something to check with the Integrations team!

            If you’re looking for an implemented model of AMP Journeys, you should check out Bleacher Report on your mobile device (search ‘Bleacher Report’ on Google and open any AMP result).

          • Jessica Anastasio

            cool, I reached out to them and I’m waiting to hear back. one other question that I’m completely stuck on: for AMP journeys it says you use your alternate domain for Universal Links. ( domain in your Associated Domains).

            When I swap in my where it says DOMAIN_HERE in the amp-list I put in my page, it doesn’t work and just says invalid value for amp-list src.. is that what it means when it says you need to use your alternate domain?

          • Alex Bauer

            @jessicaanastasio:disqus, glad you were able to reach them — they should have all the answers you need soon!

            I think we’ve run into another case of unclearly-worded documentation; I believe the DOMAIN_HERE value is your standard Branch link domain, and the reference to the alternate domain is for implementation inside your app (to ensure the app opens, if installed, when the banner button is clicked).

            However, I am not familiar enough with the inner workings of the AMP Journeys feature to give you an authoritative answer for your particular implementation, so I would defer to their response!

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