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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs an App

90% of time on a smartphone is spent in apps, and 53% of smartphone users make purchases from company-specific apps. For Quick Service Restaurants, this presents an opportunity ...


How Pinterest, Yelp, and Jet Drive App Growth From Web SEO

This blog post was originally published in 2015. You can also read one of our newer posts on how to use web to app banners on mobile. Where do app users come from, and what make...


Branch Deepviews: The Missing Link in App Discovery

Today we’re excited to announce Deepviews – a tool to help you bridge the gap between new users and your native app. Branch provides the industry's leading mobile linking ...


Our Favorite Apps and their Unique Branch Links

It’s no secret – the best part of Branch Metrics is our links. Everyday we love to see apps integrate Branch to deliver a better user Branch provides the industry's ...


Making Food Better Through Deep Links

For anyone that knows me, they would say there are two ways to my heart: good food and good apps. So, you can imagine my happiness Branch provides the industry's leading mobile ...


Booklists, Mead Recommendations, and Workouts are Shared Using Branch

A first-class referral loop is all about allowing your users to share content from your mobile or web app with anyone they choose – regardless of Branch provides the indus...


Two Apps and One Happy User – Thanks to Deep Linking

Our partners have had some amazing results from integrating with Branch. We’ve also seen our deep links used in some very creative ways . But recently Branch provides the indust...

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