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How to Deep Link Off of Facebook

Facebook. It’s an ever flowing fountain of potential users for your mobile business. With over a billion daily active users, it’s the single largest, unified source of new users...


How to Use Deep Links to Improve Mobile Engagement

For many app developers, the only thing harder than getting users to install their app is getting them to continue using it. Branch is a great tool for driving continuing engage...


How to Set Up Universal Links to Deep Link on Apple iOS

This was originally posted on July 20th, 2015 but has since been updated with the latest information. Now that Apple no longer supports URI schemes for deep linking, developers ...


How to build an iOS app for your sales team in under 12 hours

This is the story by one of our engineers, Derrick, of how two new employees at a young startup built a useful mobile app on a plane ride across the Pacific. It’s also an ...


How to Use App Links to Deep Link on Facebook

Here at Branch, we exist to make mobile linking easier. Branch Links deliver many different things such as smart redirecting, contextual deep linking, search indexing and downlo...


How to Create a Responsive Website

Since 2012, mobile device sales have surpassed personal computer sales and by the end of 2014, over 50% of the internet’s traffic will be from mobile phones. Is your website rea...


How We Use AWS, Ansible, and Packer to Make Deployment Awesome

Having a smooth deployment process is paramount for rapid iteration – it allows us to build and test things very quickly, and push out fixes on a Branch provides the leading cro...


Mobile Growth Tips – Watching Your App Store Reviews

As an app developer, you live and die by what your customers will say about your app. A few bad reviews visible near the top Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking a...


Mobile Growth Tips – Optimize Your App Store Description

One of the hardest things after you launch an app is getting discovered in the sea of other apps out there. Your app is amazing, after Branch provides the leading cross-platform...


Increasing Your User Base with App Install Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2015. You can read one of our newer posts on successful app install campaigns. If you have a marketing budget, app install ads are a g...


Deeplinking with Branch and AngularJS: Easier Done than Said

So you’ve integrated contextual deep linking into both your Android and iOS apps using Branch, right? Fantastic! Or if you haven’t, maybe you plan Branch provides the leading cr...

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