10 Essential Tips for Leveraging Branch’s Analytics Capabilities

With so many options at your disposal for gathering data and analytics, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities or confused about where to begin. With Branch, it’s eas...


Why You Need an MMP and Why Branch Is the Best Fit

To grow your mobile app, you must make data-driven decisions with data you trust. With the help of a mobile measurement partner (MMP), you can accurately gather, analyze, and op...


What Does Media Mix Modeling (MMM) Offer for Mobile Apps?

Media Mix Modeling (MMM) is a well-established marketing measurement approach that has existed for decades, but over the last year, “next-generation MMM” has been qu...


The 5 Latest Improvements to the Branch Dashboard

At Branch, we recently made many exciting improvements to the data and analytics experience within the Branch Dashboard. These include pre-configured export reports, report prev...


Capture Your Highest LTV Customers on More Android Devices With Branch’s MMP

The size of the global Android operating system (OS) market has grown steadily over the years and, as of June 2022, it stood at a healthy 72% of all mobile devices worldwide. In...

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