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Why You Need an MMP and Why Branch Is the Best Fit

To grow your mobile app, you must make data-driven decisions with data you trust. With the help of a mobile measurement partner (MMP), you can accurately gather, analyze, and op...


SKAdNetwork 4.0 Is Out — What Happens Now?

In a surprise launch at the end of October, Apple released SKAN 4.0 with iOS 16.1. Since then, the most sophisticated marketers have been scrambling to understand what they need...


How To Leverage Metrics Through the Customer Lifecycle – 5 Brands Weigh In

What metrics matter most through the customer lifecycle, from broad brand awareness to user retention? We gathered real-world tips from marketing and growth experts featured on ...


5 Best Practices for Journeys Smart Banners 

Mobile smart banners like Branch’s Journeys are a highly effective web-to-app acquisition solution. A personalized smart banner experience helps you acquire users who visit your...


The Ultimate Checklist for 8 User Acquisition Strategies That Actually Work

Mobile user acquisition is typically seen as a numbers game. It’s all about leveraging as many marketing channels as possible with the assumption that the wider you cast your ne...


Why You Need Branch’s SEO App Attribution Solution

We’re excited to introduce SEO App Attribution, a new solution from Branch that equips brands and agencies with attribution insight into app events (e.g., engagement, acqu...


How to Make the Most of QR Code Campaigns: The Strategy Behind QR Code Tactics

We’ll all start noticing QR codes with greater frequency on more and more offline channels. But some of this will be a wasted effort by brands until they think strategically abo...


How To Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rates in a Privacy-led World

Privacy regulations have dramatically expanded in recent years as consumers worry more about sharing their personal information and how that information is used. In response, ma...


Advice on Mobile Growth From 12 Top Execs

When it comes to mobile growth, there are no better lessons than those shared directly from people who have gone through it and seen success for themselves. We compiled some of ...


Is It Time To Add OTT and CTV to Your Marketing Campaigns?

CTV is the fastest-growth video channel for advertising. So, is it time to add OTT and CTV to your marketing campaigns? Get set up for success, learn best practices, and underst...

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