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Getting your app customers to love you: Lessons from the trenches

Customer loyalty is extremely important to any app, but how do you get your customers to love you? Once you’ve gotten your app over the Branch provides the industry's leading mo...


How can you get your users to refer your app?

Referrals are the holy grail for every marketer – what’s better than getting your users to tell others about your app or service? Your users Branch provides the industry's...


Why Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Branch Deeplinks

I worked at Google for a number of years on AdWords and Mobile– advising companies that ranged from SMBs to Fortune 500’s on how to Branch provides the industry's leading ...


How We Created Deferred Deep Links That Function More Like The Web

Here at Branch we are obsessed with deep linking. We made it our mission to make it easy for app developers to link to any piece of content in their app, whether a user has the ...


Mobile Growth Tips – Watching Your App Store Reviews

As an app developer, you live and die by what your customers will say about your app. A few bad reviews visible near the top Branch provides the industry's leading mobile linkin...


Mobile Growth Tips – Optimize Your App Store Description

One of the hardest things after you launch an app is getting discovered in the sea of other apps out there. Your app is amazing, after Branch provides the industry's leading mob...


Mobile Growth Tips: Tracking and Measuring the Right Things

So you’ve just finished building and you can’t wait to get this product in front of everyone. Stop. Hold that excitement. Let’s make Branch provides the industry's leading mobil...


Mobile Deep Linking Basics

Deep linking has been one of the most talked about trends in tech throughout the last year, but not everyone fully understands what deep linking even is Branch provides the indu...


The Importance of Launching Your App with Deep Links

Do you think you have an ear for the next top signing talent? Want to make an impact in someone’s singing career without giving up your Branch provides the industry's lead...


Contextual Deep Linking: An Early Advantage

What’s the difference between “I’m sorry” and “my bad?” Not much, unless you’re saying it to someone at a funeral. Context matters, and it’s true for deep linking, where context...


Deep Links are Reinventing the Mobile Gaming Industry

The scale of the mobile gaming industry is overwhelming. As of summer 2014, more than 75 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store. Games made Branch provides the industry...

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