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The First Mobile Cross-Platform Conference Recap: A Review of Branchout 2017

Last week, we held the inaugural Branchout Conference, the first-ever industry event focused on what we can do together to overcome the increased fragmentation of the mobile eco...


The Ultimate Holiday Season Mobile Growth Guide for eCommerce Apps

The holiday season may truly be the most wonderful time of the year, but—for many eCommerce brands and apps—it’s also the most successful. Statista reports a total U.S. holiday ...


Branch Product Updates: August 2017

It’s August, and the most exciting thing isn’t going back to school—it’s Branch finding every avenue to deploy your deep links and surface more of your app’s content. This month...


iOS 11 Safari View Controller cookie passthrough and the future of mobile web

This year, Apple announced that starting with iOS 11, all instances of Safari will no longer share the same cookie space. This means that cookies set in the main Safari browser ...


The Ultimate Guide to Branch Products

If you’ve heard of Branch, you probably know we have been providing deep links to developers and marketers on mobile for years now. Branch has grown quite a bit since our incept...


You’re Doing It Wrong: A Guide to Mobile Organic Attribution

Unattributed direct referral traffic. It’s the bane of every marketer’s existence yet somehow remains the majority of referral traffic in nearly every dashboard. It’s like this ...


How to set up an AMP site for Firebase App Indexing (Android and iOS)

If you’ve been in mobile development for a while, you most likely have heard about Google’s Firebase platform. They’ve launched about 10 new services, ranging from A/B testing t...


Steps To Success: Enabling App Indexing With Branch

“I wish my app could be harder to find” — said no app developer, ever. Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that unify...


How To Measure Traffic from Google’s App Indexing

If you haven’t noticed, Google’s App Indexing has been receiving an enormous amount of attention in the last year. Now, with the recent launch of the Firebase development platfo...


How to Get My App Listed and Ranked with Google’s Firebase App Indexing

Over the last few years, the mobile app ecosystem has seen a tremendous amount of change. Every year, developers get to play with a bunch of new toys that help build better prod...


Mobile Search is Coming. Here’s How to Prepare Your App

Consumers are changing the way that they search online – shifting queries from desktop to mobile devices in rapid fashion. Interestingly, mobile search has now overtaken d...

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